Date: 03-08-20191

Help received: 1000 INR

29 Jul 2019 Myself srinivas ...i recieved 1000 INR as refund bonus.i am very glad to recieve it.long live mmm india.ne. Thank you

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Date: 31-07-20192

Help received: 3000 INR

Myself nawab ...i recieved 3000 INR as refund bonus.i am very glad to recieve it.long live mmm india.ne. Thank you

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Date: 30-07-20193

Help received: 25000 INR

Hi everyone, myself Sumitesh Hota from Khariar, ODISHA, Participant of MMM. A great concept where i received HELP of INR 6000/- on 23rd of July. It was a great experience to work in MMM. I would like to continue this further also.

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Date: 30-07-20194

Help received: 3000 INR

my name balwant jangra 10 guider haryana fatehabad irecive 3000 inr get help imvery hapy mmmindia longlive mmmindia

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Date: 30-07-20195

Help received: 29500 INR

Hello.... I'm Vandana Gupta . I'm from Azamgarh Uttar Pradesh. Im participant of mmmindia.net. I have PH inr 25000 on date 17/06/2019 and I have recieved my GH link inr 29500. I'm very happy & thanks to mmmindia.net Thanks to MMMINDIA.NET

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Date: 30-07-20196

Help received: 6000 INR

My self Sunil Barad from India City Surat I ph of Rs.5000 on 24/6/19 & I have requested for GH on 23/7/19 of Rs.6000/- I get link withen a day & received payment in my account. I am very happy with MMM.Thank you to all MMM Team.Long live MMMIndia

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Date: 30-07-20197

Help received: 18000 INR

My name is rekha, I am from bihar, I am a participant in mmm, I receive amount 18000 on dated 30.07.2019 of mavro, thanks surgey mavrody and all participant. Long live mmm

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Date: 30-07-20198

Help received: 5500 INR

If u reject my happy ness letter please tell why u reject. Hello I am satbir singh 10+ Guider in system. I belong to jind haryana.i provided help 5000/ on 30 June 2019. I got help received 5500₹ on 18 july 2019. I thanks to MMM INDIA . I LOVE MMM INDIA . LONG LIVE MMM INDIA .

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Date: 30-07-20199

Help received: 10000 INR

Hello participant, my name is neelesh kumar. I am from UP JAUNPUR. I am a participant in mmm. MY old mavro 10000 inr of GH amount on dated 05.06.2019. Thanks to for support the system. Long live mmm

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Date: 30-07-201910

Help received: 6500 INR

I am Hattrick participant, from Malad ,Balaghat ,India, and provide Help 5000 INR on 23/06/2019, I am very happy to say that I have received 6500 INR Amount on 30/07/2019. I am really very happy with MMM and I am very thankful to mmm-india.net

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